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In order to achieve your goals together, we should get to know each other before embarking on our journey. Here you can find out a little bit about us. The rest is provided by personal contact - by telephone or e-mail.
Rudolf Luckenbach, Managing Director
Managing Director
Rudolf Luckenbach

Mario Martinec, Dispo National
Managing Director /
Dispo National
Mario Martinec +49-2203-9269-12
Michael Kaboth, Dispatch Director / International Dispatch
Dispatch Director /
International Dispatch
Michael Kaboth +49-2203-9269-13
Sabine Serger, Managing Director / Billing
Sabine Serger
Sabine Kaßner, Billing
Sabine Kaßner +49-2203-9269-15
LBA-Registration number: DE/H/00096-01


Rudolf Luckenbach
Spedition GmbH
Grengeler Mauspfad 119
D-51147 Cologne

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