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Transport by land, air and sea.

Be it by land, air or sea, be it Berlin, Barcelona or Bangkok, we cover every location and type of transport and will ensure that your freight reaches its destination in the quickest, cheapest and safest possible way. You too can profit from our
  • many years of experience in the international transport sector
  • multilingual staff
  • well-developed international network of strategic partners
  • close cooperation with all the companies involved in the logistics chain
  • professional, integrated use of different carriers
  • swift delivery times even on long routes
  • use of state-of-the art communication technology
We offer you the full range of transportation options: take advantage of the optimum location of our freight forwarding company in Cologne, an international freight traffic hub with excellent links to airports as well as to road, rail and water networks.
LBA-Registration number: DE/H/00096-01


Rudolf Luckenbach
Spedition GmbH
Grengeler Mauspfad 119
D-51147 Cologne

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